My North Woods life.

Writing was natural for me, it was free-flowing, and a great amount of joy. Five years ago writing became hard, it was becoming a chore, and a place of self-pity. What I felt in my heart, came through to my writings. Simply, I just didn’t care and it showed. Depression took hold of every aspect of my life. It has been an illness I have struggled with all my life. The one thing different was a lost of all creatively.  I am slowly finding my writing. I honestly did not think it was going to be so hard to pick it all up and begin again. The last five years I broke down, I lost much. I also learned much. I have fought through, illnesses, deaths, breast cancer, the building bubble bursting and my husband and I having to start almost over.

This is where I begin anew. The love of life,the love of learning, the love of living in The North Woods of Wisconsin. I look forward to writing about my passions in life. I am a news and history junkie. I love writing about local news, and the extremes  of our weather. We are blessed with, the four seasons and all the outdoor adventuress it brings. I have children of the four paws kind, three German Shepherds.

I am very greatly looking forward to discovering my long lost friends, writing, creating, sharing. Honestly,  I am a bit afraid to. Chemotherapy has made simple connections in my brain so hard at times. The many medications add to those processes and slow my brain and thinking down.

Here is to living again. All my defects, the nuts and bolt have loosened but not have been lost.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the like, on my ‘liberalism is a mental illness’ post, … from reading your about page I see that you are also a great writer. You seem to be able to paint with your words and your sincerity about the battle you have been through, you have a lot to give and don’t hide it under a bushel, now is the time to share your experiences of life and your wisdom as an encouragement to others like myself, who battle from time to time with depression. your about page should be joined with blog posts, and I have no doubt that you will be able to help encourage other writers. Thank you for your comment. and a great North Woods Life.
    R.S. Helms


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